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Laser Technologies

Isthmus has been incorporating laser technology in automation systems for many years.  As the use of lasers in manufacturing has rapidly grown over the last decade, Isthmus has applied this technology in an increasing number of applications.

Laser applications work by using a computer to direct the output of a high-power laser at a material being treated.  Various types of laser applications include laser peening, drilling, welding, marking, barcode reading, surveying, bonding and others.

Isthmus has completed automated assembly projects incorporating many laser technologies, including:

  • Laser Marking/Etching
  • Laser Cutting/Trimming

Laser Marking

In Laser marking, a laser is directed at an object, and the laser creates a depression in the material, resulting in an engraved, or marked, object or part.  In some cases, the energy introduced by the laser is directed so as to cause a desired color change in the material.  Laser marking does not require the introduction of additional material, such as ink, into the process.    A wide variety of marks are achievable via laser marking, including:

  • Data-matrix codes
  • Logos
  • Lettering
  • Julian date codes and serialization

In a recent application, Isthmus integrated laser technology in a project involving assembly of a medical device.   Information transferred to the laser marker represents the functional test parameters of each part.  The laser marker then engraves a unique signature on each part, represented by a data matrix code.

Laser Cutting/Trimming

For some materials, particularly plastics, laser cutting or trimming is the preferred alternative to mechanical methods, such as die cutting.

Isthmus incorporated laser cutting in an application to trim the plastic seal of a pharmaceutical container, for which precision was a critical requirement.  Laser cutting/trimming provides superior location precision, in part because there is no tool wear associated with the process.   Additionally, the nature of laser technology results in a small heat-affected zone, which means that warping is generally reduced over traditional mechanical cutting.


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