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Controls Architecture

Isthmus knows that successful automation projects require electrical controls strategies that are as diverse as the mechanical solutions they serve.  Isthmus regards the controls strategies on our applications as vital to the ultimate success of our projects.

In addition to operating discrete mechanisms, the controls system serves many additional functions, including:

  • Main interface between operator and machine.
  • Key to personnel safety.
  • Repository for in-process data and diagnostics.
  • Central hub of communications for integration, including intelligent subsystems and factory floor monitoring software.

The first step in creating an effective controls package is to devise a hardware and software architecture that serves as a high-level blueprint for the controls system.  It is essential that the system not only be powerful enough to control the equipment, but that simplicity and intuitive structure are employed whenever possible. With an overall controls scheme in place, diagnostics and user-friendliness are easily accomplished during system development.

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Did you know?

In 2020, Isthmus celebrates 40 years in business. Happy Birthday to us!