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3D Printing

Isthmus has recently added in-house 3D printing to its repertoire of in-house manufacturing techniques.  3D printing, also known as “additive manufacturing”, creates three dimensional solid models from digital models.

3D printing benefits our customers in several ways:

  • Speed.  Because designed parts can now be produced in a day or less, we are able to validate design concepts much more quickly than with traditionally-made components.
  • Concept Refinement.  The quick turn-around on new or conceptual designs and the ability to make multiple parts at once increases the opportunity to optimize for speed, reliability, size, or other factors.
  • Innovation.  Since early prototype trials can be done quickly and more economically than with traditional methods, we are able to try out new ideas with less risk.
  • Creativity.  Printed parts have almost no restrictions on possible geometry.  This allows us to find creative solutions that can be smaller, lighter, simpler to assemble and even more precise or more reliable than an assembly of machined components.
  • Cost.  For small, complex parts, 3D printed pieces are frequently less expensive than traditionally-made parts.

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Did you know?

Isthmus is a partner in Wisconsin's Focus on Energy intiative.