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Feature Image: Precision Machining Feature Image: Precision Machining

Precision Machining

This automated system performs precision machining on large cast aluminum parts. All operations occur in a sealed enclosure. In preparation for machining, the system accurately fixtures the parts, then transfers them to the machining center, where they are bored to a precision tolerance. After machining, parts are transferred within the enclosure to gauging and engraving stations where they are inspected and then pin-stamped for tracking.

System Features

  • Positioning tolerance of +/- 12 microns over 22 inches of travel; parallel to 25 microns
  • Repeatability of 1.66 cpk
  • 7 min cycle time (incl. 3 min. coolant bath)
  • Coolant system keeps machine components controlled to +/- 3 deg F.
  • Through-tool coolant allows for debris removal during machining.
  • Inspection results stored in data file; parts marked with correlating ID code.
  • Vision System inspects printed ID code to validate printing.

System Technologies

  • Precision Motion Control
  • Automatic Gauging
  • Vision Inspection

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