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4035 Owl Creek Drive
Madison, WI 53718

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Feature Image: Plastic Parts Sorting and Assembly Feature Image: Plastic Parts Sorting and Assembly

Plastic Parts Sorting and Assembly

This custom automation system incorporates a series of custom processes to sort and assemble multi-colored components into final parts. Individual components are oriented and delivered to a rotary dial-index. They are color-coded and assembled at subsequent stations. Assembled pieces are ultrasonically welded, transferred to a second dial and mechanically tested, visually inspected, and laser-marked before being robotically transferred and conveyed for color selective pack-out.

System Features

  • Throughput: 30-60 ppm
  • Multiple parts sizes
  • Silicon part handling
  • 24/7 operation
  • 100% part inspection

System Technologies

  • Robotic Pick and Place
  • Color-sensing cameras and memory storage
  • Touchscreen diagnostics
  • Dial-index assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Laser marking
  • Vision measurement & inspection

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Did you know?

Isthmus was named for Madison's downtown, which is on an actual isthmus.