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Feature Image: Mouse Trap and Package Assembly Feature Image: Mouse Trap and Package Assembly

Mouse Trap and Package Assembly

This custom automation system delivers components of mouse traps to a rotary dial-index for automated assembly and testing. Once assembled, the mouse traps are transferred to a packaging system, where they are sleeved with customer-supplied cardstock, glued shut, and robotically transferred from the machine for final pack-out.

System Features

  • 5 second cycle time per assembly
  • 100% in-line inspection
  • Fully integrated operator safety measures

System Technologies

Assembly Process

  • Dedicated Linear Feed Methods from Vibratory Bowls
  • Robotic Pick and Place delivery to index dial
  • Rotary Indexer for Progressive Assembly
  • Custom tooling at assembly positions
  • Test station for assembly accuracy
  • Robotic transfer station for off-loading of components to packaging infeed conveyor

Inline packaging system

  • Custom feed system to transfer card stock into packaging station
  • Servo-pneumatic Pick and Place for transfer of 2-up assemblies onto packaging conveyor
  • Customized servo-driven profile tool for roll-up of sleeve and traps
  • Integration of hot melt sealing for final package containment

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