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Feature Image: Cabinet Foaming Line Feature Image: Cabinet Foaming Line

Cabinet Foaming Line

This custom automation system prepares, places, and secures refrigerator cabinets for the appliance industry, for application of insulation foaming in the interior cavities.

Cabinets are pre-heated in custom ovens, and then transferred to the system.  Automated fixturing and tooling ensure that the cabinets hold their shape and position during the customer’s high-pressure foaming operation.

A custom-designed gantry system transfers the foaming apparatus precisely to six separate cells.  The single gantry beam contains 3 independent rack & pinion servo-driven carriages for maximum flexibility.  After foaming, the cabinets are automatically conveyed from the system.


  • Custom-designed gantry serving 3 safety zones
  • Precise gantry positioning of +/- .010″
  • Automated tooling and fixturing
  • System integration with third party foaming operation


  • Servo-driven-rack and pinion gantry system
  • Custom-designed preheat ovens
  • PLC-based control system with recipe management

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