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Feature Image: Battery Packaging Feature Image: Battery Packaging

Battery Packaging


  • Production rate: 400 ppm
  • Multi-station asynchronous in-line transfer
  • Custom fixtures and transfer pallets
  • Integrated product feeding systems


  • High-speed delta robots
  • Software-based safeguarding
  • In-line vision inspection
  • Custom heat seal system
  • Laser marking
  • In-line testing and data management

This custom system performs the complete packaging operations for hearing aid batteries.

Individual batteries are presented to the system on custom trays.  SCARA robots remove the batteries by row and transfer them to a test station for voltage check, and then on to a custom fixture for presentation to one of four delta robots. The high-speed delta robots transfer the batteries individually to a disposable dial, which has been introduced to the line through a vibratory feed bowl system.

Packages are then transferred downstream via inline conveyor for receipt of blister covers (also introduced via vibratory feed bowls), and pre-printed cards, which have been introduced to the system via a carousel magazine system.

Once all packaging components are in place, the completed product goes through a multi-station heat seal system and vision inspection.  Approved packages are robotically transferred through laser marking and loaded into custom fixtures which transfer them to offline boxing.

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