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Feature Image: Auto Handling of Nonconforming Parts Feature Image: Auto Handling of Nonconforming Parts

Auto Handling of Nonconforming Parts

This customer came to Isthmus with a unique material handling challenge.  Following a successful proof-of-process (PoP) development, a system was designed to automatically handle gas-filled Mylar casings used in the solar industry.

Parts are presented in bulk to a cam driven step feeder which transfers them to a walking beam conveyor.  Two six-axis vision-guided robots use vacuum end effectors to pick and place the casings into a custom fixture.  This fixture has pneumatic clamps which stage and secure 24 parts at a time.

A servo-driven rack and pinion transfers the fixtures for further downstream processing.


  • Production rate:  3200 parts/hr
  • Labor reduction and ergonomic improvements
  • Multiple systems to meet production demands
  • Integration with upstream and downstream material handling equipment


  • Walking beam conveyor transfer
  • Custom vacuum end effectors
  • Vision-guided robotics
  • Servo-driven rack and pinion transfer

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Isthmus sits on the Board of Directors for the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.