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Feature Image: Material Handling & Custom Packaging

Material Handling & Custom Packaging

Robust material handling and custom packaging systems for diverse applications.

Isthmus has decades of experience in material handling and custom packaging. Our robust and reliable designs are operating in a range of manufacturing environments around the globe. We are experts in custom de-palletizing, robotic transfer and handling, conveying systems, vision inspection, and several other technologies.  All of our systems can be easily integrated to other machinery by discrete I/O logic and/or network communication systems.

Read more about our Continuous Motion Sub-AssemblySheet Metal Liner Assembly, Battery Packaging and more in our case studies.

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1. Machining and Customized Material Handling of Cast Parts. View
Case Study Image
2. Sheet Metal Cabinet Assembly. View
Case Study Image
3. Custom Package Assembly. View
Case Study Image
4. Appliance Door Handling and Accumulation. View
Case Study Image
5. Cabinet Foaming Line. View
Case Study Image
6. Auto Handling of Nonconforming Parts. View
Case Study Image
7. Stacking and Palletizing. View
Case Study Image
8. Battery Packaging. View
Case Study Image
9. Sheet Metal Liner Assembly. View
Case Study Image
10. Oil Filter Assembly. View
Case Study Image
11. Pouch Filling & Assembly. View
Case Study Image
12. Case Assembly System. View
Case Study Image
13. Consumer Product Device Assembly. View
Case Study Image
14. Continuous Motion Sub-Assembly. View
Case Study Image
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Isthmus sits on the Board of Directors for the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

FANUC Authorized System Integrator