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Feature Image: Medical Component Packaging and Assembly Feature Image: Medical Component Packaging and Assembly

Medical Component Packaging and Assembly

This 3-stage linear indexing system features automated assembly of  medical components in a series of progressive operations, with robotic transfers between stages.

The first assembly stage indexes a plastic part and tube clamped in 2-up fixtures under an ultrasonic welder that stakes the two parts together.  Subsequent inspections verify o-ring presence, proper air flow, and pull test integrity.

The second stage indexes sub-assemblies set in 4-up fixtures between two web – handling systems that pay out film above and below.  The film is ultrasonically welded onto and in-between each sub-assembly forming a continuous strand of encapsulated sub-assemblies.   The strand of encapsulated parts is then indexed through a slitting station separating them into four (4) individual parts.

The final stage indexes parts clamped in 2-up fixtures through custom designed forming and inspection stations.  Precision-located hot air knives prepare the material for cam-actuated tube bending. The parts are then pressure-tested for leaks and released from the tooling for bulk packing.

System Features

  • Throughput Rates:  30 ppm
  • OEE real time data collection
  • Single Tending Operator
  • 100% Inline Quality Control

System Technologies

  • Precision Link cam indexing
  • Robotic (SCARA) part transfer
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Impulse Heat seam welding

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