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Case Studies

Take a look at what we’ve done.

Since 1980, Isthmus has been providing custom automation solutions to customers in all kinds of industries. We love to talk about the work we’ve done and the technologies we’re experts in. But here’s our chance to show you. Take a look at some of our projects.

Thumbnail: Pouch Filling & Assembly
Pouch Filling & Assembly

This system fills and assembles multi-component packages for the domestic pest control industry.

Thumbnail: Auto Handling of Nonconforming Parts
Auto Handling of Nonconforming Parts

Following a successful PoP, this system was designed to automatically handle gas-filled Mylar casings for use in the solar industry.

Thumbnail: Sheet Metal Cabinet Assembly
Sheet Metal Cabinet Assembly

Sheet metal liners for appliance cabinets are assembled and transferred with this custom automation equipment.

Thumbnail: Custom Package Assembly
Custom Package Assembly

This custom automation equipment assembles a consumer product package for point-of-purchase display.

Thumbnail: Mouse Trap and Package Assembly
Mouse Trap and Package Assembly

This system delivers components of mouse traps to a rotary dial-index for progressive assembly and testing.

Thumbnail: Cabinet Foaming Line
Cabinet Foaming Line

This custom automation system prepares, places, and secures refrigerator cabinets for application of insulation foaming in the interior cavities.

Did you know?

25% of Isthmus Mechanical Engineers are licensed Professional Engineers.